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Privacy Notice complying with GDPR

I Lesley Inglis, (Psychotherapist), owner of Castaway Therapy, Data Processor & Controller;
Have undertaken GDPR training via Newcastle University on 22/05/2018

* I am registered with the Information Commisioners Office, (ICO) number ZA147868, renewable on 2.10.2018
* I hold client data on record in complaince with legal requirements
* I abide by College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) confidentiality policy
* I do not allow any access to my records by any other individual or agency
* I collect client information first hand i.e. information the client discloses to me.
* In compliance with College of sexual and relationship therapists (COSRT) I will hold data for 7 years from conclusion of our work
* I store minimal client information electronically and my devices are password protected and have end to end encryption
* I do not pass any client information on to 3rd parties (Statuatory mandates e.g. for child protection and/or vulnerable adults -
supercedes GDPR restrictions)
* I do not sell any client information on to 3rd parties
* I do not share sensitive client data
* Subject Access Requests have to be made in writing to me, a fee is no longer applicable and I shall provide a summary of information
within 1 calendar month. Exemptions occur when 3rd parties are included in the information and they do not give consent for release
* Any complaints with regard to GDPR matters, can be made to the ICO
* Any complaints with regard to clinical matters, can be made to COSRT

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