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Online and face to face Therapy/Counselling based 'in' the towns of Kelso & Hawick. Both venue premises do not indicate or advertise the nature of work carried out and clients could be attending for a number of reasons, i.e. they are discreet. Everybody is welcome and I would like to encourage women with e.g. Sexual or Love addiction to come forward, I will put you at ease and help you feel less shame. 'No one' is ever judged as I understand people struggle with themselves and their behaviours . I specialise in working with Sexual & Relationship difficulties and I also work with mental health conditions such as anxiety, (e.g. general, social or health anxiety), low mood, panic, phobias, compulsions distress intolerance and many more conditions

* Email me for a Free no obligation 30 min online Consultation session

*Confidential, comfortable & discreet premises for face to face appointments in Kelso and now in Hawick

* Online Psychosexual Therapy
* Sex, Porn & Love Addiction (women welcome)
* Fetishes - exploration to bring understanding and help to stop any unwanted fetish behaviour.
* Relationship Therapy
* Individual Therapy & Counselling.

I also work to prevent sexual offending with individuals, partners & relatives to keep behaviour within the UK legal system * STOPSO

I warmly welcome you to my website and to consider what I can offer if you are struggling with issues, or if you are stuck and would like to find a happier place to be, within yourself.

My name is Lesley Inglis Sex and Relationship Psychotherapist (and Online Counsellor UK ) and I have been providing Counselling and Psychosexual Therapy in the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Berwick upon Tweed for the past fifteen years. I specialise in treating various difficulties that I address on these pages and work within a sunny atmosphere of respect, acceptance and confidentiality. I understand how painful emotional distress can often lead to feeling vulnerable and afraid. Let me help you to find the strength and courage to move forward from a state of angst and closer to a calmer, more positive way of being. If you have Fibromyalgia, are Expats, with relationship difficulties & Mental Health conditions, I will also be happy to hear from you .

What can you expect from working with me on difficult issues?

I shall listen carefully to you and will ask questions to help me understand your difficulty, i.e. the assessment process. I shall also be specific about what is helpful and what is unhelpful if you wish to change any behaviours that are problematic. I consider all aspects of human behaviour without embarrassment and will put you at ease. I have wide experience of people and their challenges. I feel privileged to help you understand yourself, situations and relationships better and to take steps to make positive changes, if that is your wish.

What kind of people problems do I work with?

  • General relationships e.g. communication, affairs, arguments, IVF, internet affairs, expats.
  • Sexual dysfunctions e.g. erectile, ejaculation, low desire, pain, orgasm, phobias, cross dressing.
  • Sex/love addiction e.g. pornography, women, deserve help too, anyone aged 18+ is welcome.
  • Prevention of Sexual Offending STOPSO for the first time or prevention (and treatment) of relapse.
  • Partners of people with distressing sexual behaviour that is often traumatic for partners.
  • Substance misuse e.g. illegal and legal drugs, alcohol and meds. Affected relatives welcome.
  • Expats lifestyle, Army & Offshore personnel, e.g. relationship separation difficulties.
  • Mental health e.g. trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, bereavement, other losses.
  • Chronic pain e.g. fibromyalgia & CFS, understand how pain is affecting your life and relationships.

    How many sessions do people need? Initial Free 30min Consultation -overviewing difficulties

    I work with individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or a set number of sessions. I am very experienced at providing brief therapy (6 session model) for mild to moderate mental health difficulties. A lot of couple work is helping partners to have difficult conversations, to understand each other as individuals and your needs as a couple. Online Psychosexual Therapy and Addiction work is likely to be a longer term therapy. If you just want one session to find out if working with me is right for you, that is also ok. What is most important is that I work with 'people' not just conditions or diagnoses. I offer a safe, trusting and genuine therapeutic relationship built on empathy and compassion.

    Prevention of Sexual Offending STOPSO

    I work confidentialy & none judgementally for the specialist organisation StopSo to help prevent Sexual Offending. Whether you are having difficult thoughts e.g. tempted to explore illegal websites or you have been cautioned or charged with an offence, I will work with you to help you stop any further sexual offending and to also understand why this behaviour occurs and what you can do to stop it, in order to keep others and yourself safe.

    With easy access to sexual websites, porn, chat lines, hook up sites and more, it is becoming increasingly tempting for people to start exploring ‘edgy’ activities and this can easily spiral into illegal behaviour. Young men are particularly at risk of becoming dependent on porn. If you are worried about sexual offending and want to work to stop this, please email me. Partners and other family members who are emotionally impacted by this behaviour can also access help. I am particularly reaching out to women as well as men to have courage to come forward for help

    Working as Qualified Online & Face to face Counsellor UK using Instant Messaging, Email and Voice

    As a trained and qualified Online practitioner, I provide Online Psychosexual Therapy via instant messaging,(no webcam protecting identity) Email Therapy and voice - i.e. talking via Zoom, Online platform . This means that I can work as a counsellor with people from any geographical area from WV1 7AD to ZE and TD postcodes. Successful online work is tremendous in helping people who; feel embarrassed, live in rural areas, are parents with small children, have physical disabilities and people in the public eye. I welcome, and offer women, love addiction counselling online , as they may be able to engage with Online counselling via instant messaging, whereas the thought of having to speak face to face in a session may be too overwhelming.

    If you wish to work with me or just want to find out more, I look forward to hearing from you. I am insured to work Online world wide and in the UK covering all Postcodes from WV1 7AD to ZE. I now offer face to face appointments in Kelso, for people in the Scottish Borders,(e.g. Eyemouth, Chirnside, Duns, Greenlaw, Gordon, Kelso, Earlston, Galashiels, Selkirk, Hawick, Innerleithen and Peebles areas) and also Berwick upon Tweed. I provide a contract of terms and conditions covering all necessary points to help protect both of us from a legal, professional, moral and ethical point of view.

    Face to Face appointments available in Kelso TD5 area and Hawick TD9 area in the Scottish Borders. Please Email for more information.

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