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FAQ's below; for any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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What should I say in my first enquiry email to you?
You can tell me what it is that is difficult for you
as an individual or as part of a couple and how long
you have had this problem.

Is Email, Voice,
or Instant messaging (using Zoom) best and how does it work?

Ultimately it is the clients choice, however I find using Instant Messaging (without the webcam ), provides an immediate response for Clients, as does Voice (talking via computer), whilst an Email response takes 72 hours and if things change quickly my response won't address this change. Video work is the most common medium but not using a webcam also maintains a high level of anonymity for those in the Public eye. Using Email requires planning, thinking about and composing the Email, this can take some time. If you think scheduling a specific hour to work together is easier for you than finding extra time to create a therapeutic Email, then perhaps Messaging or Voice is for you?

Initial (up to) 30 minute instant messaging consultation

This gives us a chance to get an overview of your difficulties and to get a sense of what it would be like to work with each other. It may be helpful to think of it as an information sharing session i.e. you can tell me a) what the problem is, b) when it started c)what if anything you have already tried to do to address the problem, d) why you think that did not work? I suggest you have a think about what questions you want to ask me and take a note of them. The consultation appointment is not a counselling or therapy session, it is an exchange of information,

How much do Counselling and Therapy sessions cost?
Therapy costs £50 per session for individuals, £55 for couples and £65 for problematic sexual difficulties.

How long do sessions last?
The session lasts for 'a Therapy hour' - which is 50 mins in Therapy & 10 mins for the Therapist to write up the session notes.
Sometimes, if clients don't make full use of the session i.e. they are finished saying what they want to
& although I encourage exploration and feedback, we don't need to deliberately find something
to fill out the remainder of the session & in that situation we may finish early.

How do I pay for my sessions?
It is important to pay prior to each session usually via BACS. I shall give you my BACS details by email.

What happens if I have to cancel a session?
If you let me know 48 hours prior to cancellation that you will not be able to attend, no cancellation fee will be requested. If you cancel
24 hours or less you will be charged £25 and this will have to be paid prior to any following session being held.

I am unemployed and can't afford the cost of therapy, do you offer any concessions?
I would advise you to seek therapy via the NHS e.g. start with your GP. Be as specific as possible , many areas offer Psychosexual
Therapy in various locations in the UK.

*What if we start therapy and I feel we are going down the wrong track?
I will check out, (review) with you as we go along, if you think we are focusing on things that are helpful regarding your problem. I
always encourage people to raise any worries about this with me and/or to gently address any misunderstandings, as I shall do with you.

How long are sessions and how often will we meet?
Sessions are 1 hour long and frequency of sessions depends on both the problem and what clients wish. I will be honest with clients
about how best the problem will usually be addressed. Some people only want one session, others may feel they have reached their
goal in e.g. four sessions and I would recommend 6 sessions for people that have anything other than minor or one off problems to deal
with, e.g. my boss has asked to speak to me on Monday, I can't stop thinking about this and it is making me highly anxious'. How can I
stop worrying?

I just want to ask you a question will that cost anything?
Quick questions are answered in a normal Email and of course it is free.

I have problems in my relationship, can I have therapy without my partner?
Yes you can, however research shows us that the best outcome will be reached if both partners attend together.

Where can I check your qualifications?
You can find me listed as an Accredited Therapist on COSRT website COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) as
a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist. I am also Accredited with ATSAC (Association for the treatment of sexual addiction and
compulsivity) ATSAC
I am also registered with ACTO the (Association of Counsellor's and Therapist's Online) website.

After initial contact, potential client's shall be sent a contract for them to view full terms and conditions. This helps protect both
Psychotherapist and clients.

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