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Some People Problems and Some Specialist Problems

In Counselling: We shall explore together any events and/or relationships from the past that you feel are still impacting on your happiness today. We can often gain insight into 'why' something keeps happening to us and we can think about how you can use that knowledge to make different and more positive choices.

In Therapy: We will look at any unwanted psychological and physical symptoms you are experiencing and our main focus shall be helping you to leave negative behaviours behind, in order to move forward towards your own goals in a positive way. You will be given 'tasks/homework' to do e.g. asking you to practice relaxation exercises at home in between therapy sessions.

In Relationship Therapy: I will help couples/individuals communicate openly and safely, to express needs and expectations of the relationship. Never addressing issues, or constantly arguing, can feel like there is no way forward. We will work together to identify and leave unhelpful ways of reacting behind, in order to bring an increased sense of connection and harmony between the couple.

In Psychosexual Therapy: A specialist in depth assessment is carried out to diagnose 'what' (if any) sexual dysfunction is occurring and 'why' a problem has arisen (including all the factors that contribute to that). Couples/individuals are asked to carry out tasks/homework at home and feedback about each session is given to the Therapist. A shift for the couple from the unhelpful status quo towards more positive and pleasurable activities can be gained this way.

In working with Sex & Love Addiction: An addiction is something that takes over normal life in a harmful way and which is extremely hard to not engage in, even when your life may depend on that. A specialist assessment process helps to identify what urgently needs to be addressed, such as any unsafe sexual/love practices; that threaten reputation, employment, financial ruin, partner and family relationships. We will work to contain the problem, and once emotional and behavioural stability has been achieved, we can explore 'why' a person may be susceptible to sexual or love addiction. Healing work (including with partners) is needed to address deep emotional shame and guilt and the usually damaged couple relationship. For women, there are extra barriers (e.g. social stigma) preventing you coming forward for help. Please don't let feelings of embarrassment stop you from contacting me. My role is to help you to stop unhealthy behaviours, in order to find a happier you. I will help you understand more about why you do things and show you how to stop self destruction, I will help you to begin to heal, to have peace and I will never judge you in your struggles.

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